What do we do

  • We help scale-ups grow by enabling them to attract and establish a top level leadership team (incl. CFO, COO, CEO, CMO, Head of Growth)
  • We distinguish ourselves from traditional executive search parties with the following differentiators:
    1. Top level candidates that have the ability and experience to scale-up innovative and highly dynamic companies. Frequently our candidates have a combination of previous scale-up experience and background in top tier strategy consultancy. We are uniquely qualified to attract these candidates given our own backgrounds in strategy consultancy (incl. McKinsey, Roland Berger)
    2. Establishing a partnership with our customers to solve their leadership problem or opportunity.We have a background in professional services (strategy consultancy) and believe in commitment from both sides, a high level of transparency and high professional standards. Additionally, we can apply our previous experiencs and expertise to help clients shape the profile for the ideal candidate.
    3. High process speed enabled by our highly disciplined internal organization, based on ‘sprints’.  Our ‘sprint’ model allow our clients to interview ~80% of all our available candidates within 2 to 6 weeks

Our roles

  • We specialise in business-oriented C-level roles at growing companies
  • Our specialisation includes: CEOs (general management), CFOs, COOs (operations and/or logistics / supply chain), CCOs (commercial, can also be a Head of Growth)
  • We frequently work directly with the investors,  founders or CEO
  • Additionally, using our partner organization ConsultancyExit.com, we are particularly suited for roles where former strategy consultants could be interesting. These roles include:
    • Business Development / Strategy / Finance
    • Investments (e.g., private equity or venture capital associates or investment managers)