To explore a potential partnership for a search, please contact one of our Managing Partners (Peter Zeeuw van der Laan and / or Maarten van der Kwaak)


If you are a potential candidate for one of our open positions, please visit our candidate platform below

Aside from highlighting your profile, seeing and applying to vacancies on our platform, you can reach us at or call us at +31 970102051

Our office adress:
Jachthavenweg 109-A
1081 KM Amsterdam
+31 970102051

Please respect our policy that we do not engage into conversation with candidates cold calling one of our Managing Partners if there is no prior relationship. We share our phone numbers to allow potential clients make contact and explore a potential partnership for a search.

If you are a candidate looking for contact, please sign up to our platform. As a candidate with a specific question, you can email us at or call at +31 970102051